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Telephony Installation and Repair Services


Decibels Inc is committed to providing a full array of services to our customers. Residential and MDU telephone installations are another service we proudly provide utilizing highly skilled and trained technicians. Our technicians are prepared to install and service cable-telephony customers.


Our technicians are experienced with installing and servicing telephone customers who use products such as the Arris/Antec Cornerstone and ADC Homeworx products. We are experienced with the following installation processes and practices.


  • Local and Distribution power to the Network Interface Unit
  • Installation of the Network Interface Unit
  • Professional installations following the ANSI/TIA/EIA standards. (T568A, T568B, or USOC)
  • Experienced in education and communicating the use of system specific telephone features to your customer in a friendly and courteous manner


Decibels Inc is committed to providing you the professional service that you expect and your customers deserve. We have a clear understanding that the success of any company is based on the experience, attitudes and knowledge of their associates. Decibels Inc achieves a high level of professionalism through the implementation of the following practices in all of our systems.


  • Late Model white vehicles
  • Uniformed associates
  • Use of two way field communication
  • In depth management support
  • Continuous safety education and enforcement
  • Commitment to a consistent Quality Assurance program
  • Documentation and analysis of service preformance